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Girls’ Weekend

November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in South Africa:

Thanksgiving in South Africa would have been very similar to a normal Thanksgiving in the US for me if it weren’t for one small problem, I was extremely sick! I woke up at 5am on Thanksgiving day and I was not feeling very thankful. Most of my morning was spent either lying in my bed or kneeling in the bathroom. Thanksgiving went on for the rest of the Americans over here as it should have. They all enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal together at the Mixon’s home. Jacy, Nichole, and Heather were kind enough to bring me a plate of leftovers to enjoy whenever my body was feeling up to accepting any kind of food. My day was not a total loss as I did get to enjoy quite a bit of quiet time reading my Bible and watching the one Christmas movie we had available to us, The Santa Clause. Thank the Lord that by 9pm on Thanksgiving day, I was feeling much better. I am not completely over being ill yet, but I am feeling SOO much better than I did!

Instead of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving like every other American female, Jacy, Heather, Nichole, and I headed to Pilanesberg for a girls’ weekend getaway and game drive. We had a wonderful time of fellowship in the car on the drive to Pilanesberg as we chatted and listened to Christmas music. We spent the night at a quaint little guest house about 5 minutes away from the game park. We saw many interesting animals on our game drive, but the most interesting part of the drive was most definitely the storm that blew up on us while we were out on the drive. There are several pictures of the storm as it approached. We found out later that the storm was the biggest storm of the year to date in that area and it knocked out the power in the area for several hours. When we returned to our guest house, there was no power there, but it didn’t really matter to us as we were all too tired to do anything else with our evening. We capped our weekend off with a trip to the Apartheid Museum in Jo-burg. It was quite an overwhelming experience to read and learn about all of the dissension that was going on over here just a short time ago.

View all of the photos from Pilanesberg

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