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New car and cell phone

December 3, 2007

The moment you have all been waiting for…here are the photos of my new car and cell phone.

I got the cell phone the week of Thanksgiving, but the got the car just yesterday(Nov. 30). Both shopping experiences were relatively painless and amazingly enough, I was quite decisive. We walked into the mall of cell phones, I listened to the people talk while Heather asked questions and then we walked into the Samsung store. I told the guy what I was looking for, he pulled out three phones for me to look at that fit the bill and I said I want this one! That was the end of the cell phone shopping.


With the car shopping we went to a couple of used dealers at the second one, I told him what I was looking for he said he had two cars that might work, he drove one of them around for me to look at, I liked the car right away, I asked John(my boss) if he could drive it for me and he said yes, we all liked the car so we made a couple of requests and left the building thinking that I had found my car. The next day we found out that someone had already made and offer on the car with another salesman and that they had gotten the car.

I was a little disappointed one because I thought I was done shopping and two because I actually liked the car and it was in my price range. The next time we went shopping we went to several places, but I didn’t like any of the cars because I had already made up my mind as to what car I wanted.

Finally, at our last stop of the day, they had the exact same car I had looked at a few days earlier only this car was a year newer AND it wasn’t WHITE(almost every car in S.A. is white and it is major boring). I was so excited! We made an offer on the car and started the money transfer process.


Jaco called two days later and said I could come and pick up my car. I cannot really drive the car yet as it is an manual and I have only driven that twice, but I am trying to be a quick study. I feel like I can navigate my way around alright at this point, but I have to be able to drive to get anywhere so I will have to learn quickly. Anyway, I just thought you would all like to see my newest “toys”. Hope you are doing well!


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