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Lawrence baked a cake

December 14, 2007

Today we are having our Bethesda Christmas party. Lois put Jacy, Heather, and I in charge of dessert. Jacy and Heather were both busy yesterday so I recruited my little Buddy, Lawrence to help me with the cake baking process.

Lawrence did a great job and we had quite the fun afternoon of hanging out and questions. Lawrence is a very curious little boy, especially when it comes to information about cell phones, computers, cameras, and America.

The actual cake baking process reminded me a little bit of baking with Emily at home, she does all the work and I fetch the ingredients; in this case, Lawrence did all the work and I made sure the ingredients actually made it to the bowl. When all was said and done, Lawrence was quite proud of his accomplishments. He even brought the other children into our flat off and on all afternoon to check out his work. He can’t wait until this afternoon when everyone gets to eat his cake!

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