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Happy South African Birthday

February 23, 2008

Well, I am another year older, but probably not a day smarter. My birthday celebration was not much different than it has ever been. My students surprised me before recess with a cake that they had decorated with one of our interns and singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I decided that I didn’t want anyone to make me dinner for my birthday and I didn’t want to go out on Valentine’s Day, so we ordered pizza instead. We went down to the local pizza joint, Heather ordered pizza and waited for it to be finished, the 3 interns used their opportunity to get off the property to go to the grocery store, and I slept in the car. When the pizza was finished, we all headed back to my place, ate our pizza and chatted about all the things I did when I was 24 and all the things I would like to do during my 25th year. All in all, it was a fun and low key birthday, just like I like it!

Check out all the birthday pictures.

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