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Shane Makes Turkish Delight

February 23, 2008

Since the student’s presentation of “The Chronicles of Narnia”, Shane, who played Edmund, has been obsessed with making and actually trying Turkish Delight. Before she returned to America, Jacy left Shane with a book about Narnia and in the book was a recipe for Turkish Delight. Shane has been on Heather and I quite a bit, wanting to know when we can teach him to make Turkish Delight. We finally felt energized enough to tackle the feat tonight. It was so incredibly fun to see the joy on Shane’s face as he was finally getting to make this “sweetie” that he had wanted for so long.

Heather and I both enjoyed spending some time with Shane and having a chance to tell him how proud we both are of his hard work at school. Shane was so conscientious with all of his steps in making the Turkish Delight. He even decided that he was going to share his sweets with his classmates at school.

I just hope the stuff is actually good and the poor kid is not heartbroken since neither Heather nor I have ever made such a concoction before.


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