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The questions kids ask

March 5, 2008

Have you ever been absolutely overwhelmed with the questions kids ask that you don’t have the answers to? Well, all of the following questions were asked of me during a 40 minute science lesson where the only question I asked was do you have questions from about your test last week, at which I was bombarded with all of the following questions, none of which had anything to do with the previous science test nor the current lesson.

  • Miss Small, are there really people that are purple, blue, yellow, and black? (in reference to the Jesus Loves the Little Children song where it actually says “red and yellow, black and white,” but who really keeps track. )
  • Miss Small, if a horse eats grass, then why does it poop brown?
  • Miss Small, why do white people have to put on lotion when they go in the sun?
  • Miss Small, why when YOU exercise, are sick, or get embarrassed, does your face turn red?
  • Miss Small, if we can use animal poop to fertilize the orchard and the grass, then would human poop work just as well?
  • Miss Small, why do your mosquito bites look different than our mosquito bites?
  • Miss Small, why don’t you bleed when a mosquito bites you if they are making your blood come out?
  • Miss Small, what are pimples and why do the older kids get lots of them?
  • Miss Small, why when you cross your legs does the spot where your legs were touching turn really red?
  • Miss Small, why do people call us black people when our skin is actually brown?
  • Miss Small, why do they call you white when your skin is a mix of pink, brown, and yellow?
  • Miss Small, why do you get a bump on body when get stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito?

Other random questions since I have been here:

  • Miss Small, why couldn’t Adam and Eve make pizza in the Garden of Eden?
  • Miss Small, how do people figure out new recipes?
  • Miss Small, who was the first person to make pizza?
  • Miss Small, how did Adam know what plants were safe for them to eat when they were banished from the garden and which plants would make them sick?
  • Miss Small, are AIDS and other sicknesses a punishment from God?
  • Miss Small, why do people in America have fairs and contests for judging their animals?
  • Miss Small, why are cows in America so fat?
  • Miss Small, could you milk a horse if you really needed milk?

And from the realm of kids say the darndest things, the other day one of our younger children told Heather:
“Miss Rumbly, you know why Tsephie likes you…because you are going to grow up and have a baby and it’s going to be a boy and you are going to name him Tsephie, and Dipuo likes Miss Small because she is going to grow up and have a baby and hers is going to be a girl and she will name her Mpho Dipuo.” (Heather didn’t enlighten her on the idea that neither of us is necessarily dying to have children of our own or that fact that there is a prerequisite of being married in order for us to have children.)

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  1. March 5, 2008 7:48 am

    I like the variety of the questions. I’m glad it’s you teaching kids and not me. I don’t know how I would answer but I would probably either try to give some really long technical answer that they wouldn’t understand or a funny answer that would misunderstood and used in the wrong way. For example, “Why yes, human poop would work just as well” which would result in them going to the bathroom all over the grounds.

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