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Dipuo Loves her Aunties

March 16, 2008

Dipuo is quickly becoming known as “her Auntie’s girl.” As you may have read in my previous updates or seen in earlier pictures, Dipuo loves to visit with me and do fun things. Wouldn’t you love to get some individual attention from you aunties if you had 5 big brothers who were always being rough and making noise?? For the last few days several of the children in Dipuo’s house have been sick with colds and the flu so in order to give her momma a break today, Heather and I took Dipuo for the afternoon. She is quite the entertaining little girl. She loves to sing the “to you” part of Happy Birthday, she she loves to dance to the only African praise song that I can sing, I have been teaching her sign language to “Jesus Loves Me”, during which she likes to sing the “loves me” part, and she just learned how to blow kisses last week. Heather, on the other hand has just been teaching her to make cheeky noises with her mouth:), which we all know are extremely necessary when you have big brothers. Needless to say, Dipuo loves it when her aunties spoil her. She has gotten to the point where all Heather or I have to do is walk out our front doors or drive by in my car and she will start shouting our name or toddling her little self towards wherever she happens to see us.


More cute pictures of Dipuo

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