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Horseback Riding

March 16, 2008

Saturday afternoon following our craft day, Janet, Michele, Katelyn, Alyssa, and I drove up to Warmbads (a little resort type place) to go horseback riding. We rode for an hour and a half through the bush and had many firsthand interactions with some pretty incredible wild life. We had a great ride that was made even better when our guide, Freddy, directed us right up to a family of giraffes with two little babies. The babies you see in the pictures are three and six months old. The old, dark bull that you see is 23 years old, which is pretty incredible, because the life expectancy of a giraffe is about 25 years. We really had a great day and no one even fell off their horse, which was a bit questionable for a little while.


More pictures from the trip to Warmbads.

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  1. Jessica Flora permalink
    April 2, 2008 5:24 pm

    Hi Miss Small !!! WOW!!! That would be soooo cool to be there in Africa and to see all of those cool animals!!!!! Well I hope that you can deal with your asthma ok!!!!! I have activity endused asthma but that is a lot different than just regular asthma!!! Well wright back soon!!!! I love to hear from you all the way over there!!!!!

    Jessica & Joshua

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