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March 16, 2008

I just thought you should know, that Lawrence has recently started going by the nickname, Lerry. One day I was teasing him, as I do a lot and I told him that if he were in America, he probably wouldn’t go by Lawrence because most guys with the name Lawrence go by Larry. He decided that he liked it and told me that’s what I should call him. Well after a few days of Miss Rumley and Miss Finklea laughing every time I said Lerry, they started calling him that too, before long all the kids were calling him that too. He even has Heather and I write Lerry on his school supplies when they need labeled. He chose the spelling Lerry because the “e” makes and “A” sound for them, so instead of the typical Larry, Lawrence decided to break the mold once again and go with an unusual spelling.


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