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Some things never change

April 3, 2008

Some things never change, no matter the continent you are on. I thought you would all be glad to know that I am still spending plenty of time with kiddos. I know you were all probably really concerned that my “Pied-Piper” status would lessen if I couldn’t speak the same language as the children, but apparently it has not gone completely away.

Easter weekend, I volunteered to help out one of our moms who has a house full of small ones, by keeping the smallest one while they went to the annual Easter Conference. There were plenty of planned activities for most of the children, but the little one would not have been able to participate. So, rather than mom not being able to enjoy the conference, Heather and I kept the baby during the day. We had a great time! The best was trying to figure out how in the world these moms tie their kids to their backs with bath towels and walk around like that without the children falling to the ground. I did manage to get her secure enough that she didn’t fall, but it definitely was not the same effect as what her mom does and, not to mention…it kills your back!



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