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New Puppy

June 7, 2008

Well, we had a new arrival at Bethesda back on the 29th of May, or somewhere around there. Our female guard dog, Libby, had 1 puppy. We were all somewhat surprised by the puppy’s arrival. We only found out that Libby was expecting about 2 weeks before the little one was born.

The last time Libby had puppies, she had just a few, but the number was reduced even more this time, we had 1 live and healthy puppy. This little thing is quite the rolly-polly little one, I guess it’s because she (at least that’s what we are going with for now) didn’t have to share any nourishment with brothers or sisters. We are all excited about the arrival of our new little cutie. She is currently going by the name “Shadow”. Hopefully Shadow will grow up to be a great guard dog just like her mother.

Puppy -21May.08_014Puppy -21May.08_010Puppy -21May.08_009Puppy -21May.08_012Puppy -21May.08_011

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