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Cape Town Capers

June 28, 2008

We have been in Cape Town for just a few days now, but we have seen a LOT! Yesterday we were able to take a boat out to Robben Island and tour the island and the prison there where Nelson Mandela was held. It was pretty incredible to see the actual cell that he lived in for so many years and hear about how prison life was for a political prisoner from a man who actually had been in the Robben Island prison for a few years. After Robben Island, we drove to Table Mountain National Park where we took a cable car up the mountain to catch the view of Cape Town from the top. The mountain was absolutely beautiful and the sights we could see from the top were breathtaking. Today we drove to the southern part of Cape Town to see a penguin colony. After the penguin colony, we decided to drive on down to Cape Point, which is the southernmost point on the continent of Africa. Again, the sights were as absolutely breathtaking as the hike to the top of the lighthouse was for my still recovering lungs. I looked out over the ocean and I could see for miles and hear the massive power of the water crashing against the rocks and the shore and I stood amazed at the power and might that God possesses to control all of it with such ease. I truly can say, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!
I was also humbled today and reminded of how blessed I am to come from where I do. South Africa is such a beautiful country and it is jam-packed with so much diversity! I am very thankful for the opportunity to live here and enjoy what God is doing. In just a short drive up the coastline we were able to see the beauty of the sea on one side of the road and then on the opposite side see miles and miles of tin shacks were people live and then down the road a little farther see beautiful houses that would cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. The differences can be very difficult to see an comprehend, but we can be confident that God is sovereign and that HE is control.

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