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Back to Normal Life

July 3, 2008

Well, my time with the Lehe family was such a blessing, but their visit has come to an end. I drove the Lehes to the airport last night and said good bye until we meet again. It was very fun to get away from the property for a few days and it was even better to show Dave, Karen, Margaret, and the kids where I live, work, minister, and fellowship, but it’s also nice to have my house back to almost normal :).
Now that the Lehe fun is done, I have to get ready for school to begin again. We will begin term 3 at JCA on Monday morning. Pray for me over the next few days as I need to get many things in order so that I can transition back in to teaching. I have lesson plans to write and, assignments to create, and a classroom to put back together from all of the fun activities over the holidays.

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