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Graceful Moment

July 15, 2008

So today I was totally UN-graceful and managed to crack my head on a shelf in our library just before school in the morning. I hit my head so hard it made my teeth and jaw rattle. Thankfully there was no blood and I didn’t pass out, but we were fairly convinced by the end of the day that there was a very distinct possibility of a mild concussion since I had a terrible headache, felt pretty nauseous and was dizzy on and off. No worries, my lack of gracefulness was quite a fun topic of conversation for me, the interns, and Heather for most of the day. I’m feeling fine and hardly have a bruise, except for my ego, but it’s better that way:).
Oh yea…fun point of the day…my little brother won grand champion with his goat at the county fair today! He actually called me after he won to tell me himself. I am pretty proud of the little fella. Way to go MiKE, oh yea…and Whitey(the goat) too!

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