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Rubbish Round-Up

August 7, 2008

One of the subjects I struggle the most to teach is Technology…I know…I’m such a technology guru these days, how can it be a difficult class to teach…oh you just wait! Technology really doesn’t have much to do with what we think of when we hear the word technology; it’s really just problem solving and making random things out of rubbish. I thought you might like to see some of the random-rubbish we’ve been putting to use around here. The students have actually been talking about simple machine kind of stuff in tech class so we built toys out of rubbish and gave them moving parts. They made wheels and axles out of pencils and water bottle lids to build their cars and we used empty toilet rolls and pipe cleaners to make their barking dogs (The dogs’ mouths actually moved so it looked like the dogs were barking at you!). Believe me these projects have pretty much exhausted my creativity when it comes to recycling rubbish.

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