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Shadow is GROWING!

August 7, 2008

Recently our adolescent male dogs have been getting into a lot of mischief during their night time patrols, as a result of this and the fact that Libby was going a bit stir-crazy on maternity leave…Libby and Shadow have been taking their turn as “ladies of the night” and watching over our property after hours. It didn’t take our smart little puppy long to figure out that if she comes to visit my house she will get doggie treats. The last three nights that Shadow has been out, the instant my door is open, Shadow comes bolting in for a biscuit. Last night, she actually showed up for her treats and mom was NOWHERE to be found! Shadow visited, gave some puppy kisses, practiced her sitting on command, ate lots of treats, and then took off on her merry way for the rest of the night. It has been quite fun to watch this little one grow. We are hoping that she will remain cute and playful, but be as wonderful at her future career as her mother is!

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