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If Spiderman Mopped Floors…

August 31, 2008

If Spiderman ever had the need to mop a floor by hand, we envision it looking a little bit like this.

A recent project in our 4th and 5th grade economics class was focused on organizing a classroom project to keep your class neat and in good condition. Our kids decided that the floor in our classroom needed to be mopped more than the once a week that our cleaning lady regularly does it. So, on Friday after school, our first deep-clean commenced. We had two 4th graders who had “drawn the short stick” so to speak and were elected to hand mop our floor. We began the process, only to find out that Bongani had never actually hand mopped a floor before, he had only observed and voiced his disgust at our lack of actual mops when he said…”we USE MOPS at our house…we have 3 of them!” Despite our efforts to teach him how not to mop himself into a corner, which happened to include Heather attempting to hand mop the floor in a skirt, Bongani just didn’t get it and continued to get stuck between his freshly mopped floor and whatever wall, table or other section of newly mopped floor he could. Finally when he got to this table in the BACK of the room, the only way for him to mop the floor beneath the table without getting wet, was to inch his way along the metal supports of the table that are each about an inch across.- all the while encouraging himself to continue by saying “eish…I’m Spiderman, eish…I’m Spiderman.” Who knew mopping could be so entertaining!

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  1. Nichole Finklea permalink
    August 31, 2008 11:09 pm

    HILARIOUS! I love it…I love it…

  2. September 2, 2008 5:38 pm

    tell Bongani… “eish…I’m Spiderman, eish…I’m Spiderman.” ADodd

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