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My Man Musi

November 16, 2008

img_5268Over the last several weeks at church, I have been making friends with a little boy at my church named Musi. Mus and I talk every Sunday at church and sometimes he will sit with me through the entire service. A few weeks ago I was talking to Musi’s foster mom about how I used to take my friends kiddos out for play dates so mom and dad could have a night at home to themselves. Musi’s mom said that if I ever wanted to take him out for a play date, it would be alright with her 8).

Last week Heather and I decided that we would love to do something fun with Musi and his sister, Zanele. So Saturday afternoon, Heather and I picked up our two four year olds and headed out for our play date. We first went to a local restaurant where we could eat and the kiddos could play for a while. We all had a good time playing in the maze and trampoline, the kids had a great time also playing in the jumping castle. We had a wonderful meal, including ice cream and sweets for the kiddos afterwards. After dinner, we headed to the mall to see if we could find another play place. The play place we were actually thinking about was closed when we arrived, but we made due in the toy store just as well. These were the best kids EVER in a toy store. They would see a toy that they liked, play with it for a few minutes and then put it back and move on to the next toy.

My man Musi doesn’t talk a whole lot, but he is full of joy! Whenever he gets excited he stomps his feet, claps his hands, and gets the biggest grin on his face you have ever seen. I am pretty sure that my man Musi had a great time because he spent pretty much his entire night with that grin on his face and his hands clapping. I look forward to many opportunities over the next year to spend quality time with my little buddy Musi and get to know his family better.



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