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New Glasses

November 16, 2008

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On Monday morning, Heather decided she’d had enough with her glasses and decided to call an eye doctor in Pretoria, who happens to be a Bethesda supporter and friend of John and Lois. By the end of the day, Heather wasn’t feeling all that great so I offered to drive her into town for her appointment. Heather and I arrived at the eye doctor just before her appointment time. She was able to go right in to talk with the eye doctor and get her exam. I waited out in the car for a while until Heather sent me a text and said that she was picking out new glasses and that she would like some assistance. I headed back into the office to help Heather choose her new frames. While we were checking out the frame selection, slightly narrowed by Heather’s need for child-sized frames,  Heather informed me of the extremely inexpensive cost of her new glasses, thanks to the EXTREME generosity of the doctor. I was then convinced that waiting until December and paying full price for lenses, frames, and an eye exam in the States, was not exactly something I was too thrilled about so I proceeded to schedule my exam for next Monday. As I was scheduling the exam with the receptionist, the doctor overheard and said she would be able to do my exam at that very minute. I jumped at the chance and headed in to her office. Not too long later, Heather was then helping me pick out new frames for my new glasses. We walked out of the office after about 2 hours both having ordered new frames and lenses to be ready in a week and extremely blown away by the generosity of our new eye doctor in the fact that she was offering both sets of lenses at cost! We were even more excited when I received a phone call on Thursday morning from the eye doctor herself telling me that Heather and I’s glasses were already in and ready to be picked up. We were able to go in to town to fetch our new glasses on Thursday after school and were immediately relieved to discover that the headaches we had both been struggling with for a while were eased almost immediately by our new lenses. We were both very pleased with the fit and style of our new glasses and elated by the idea that they were the cheapest pair of glasses that either of us had most likely ever owned.

You can bet that we are both going back to visit our sweet eye doctor, Lindi Lu, whenever eye problems seems to arise again!

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  1. jessica permalink
    November 17, 2008 5:41 am

    stylin’ specs!

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