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Girls Camping Getaway…

November 26, 2008

For quite some time now, Heather, Alyssa and I have been wanting to take a camping trip to the game reserve at Pilanesburg. We decided that last weekend was the weekend, so we began making preparations the week before for all the things we would need for the 3 interns and Heather and I to go. Unfortunately, to add a little entertainment to the trip, Heather’s car went into the shop for some minor body work the week before leaving my car as the only operable vehicle for our transportation. For those of you who haven’t seen photos of my car, it’s quite a small thing. Amazingly enough, we were able to fit five people, five sleeping bags, five camping chairs, two tents, two coolers, two 5-liter bottles of water, two back packs, a grill top, and food for five people into my little Renault for the weekend of fun.

We arrived at the camp ground after dark, which meant we had to set up tents, make the fire, and cook dinner all in the dark. Thankfully, Heather and the interns had practiced setting up the tents the night before in the day light so they were a bit more familiar with what needed to be done than what they might have been. We were able to get everything set up and under control within a decent amount of time on our first evening. We were supposed to take a game drive with a guide on Saturday morning at 5:30, but we missed our drive by about 2 minutes so we took our own tour in my car. We saw a lot of beautiful sights and animals in our 3 hour drive around the park.

The entire weekend was a wonderful time of relaxing, fellowshipping with the interns, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation! The picture captions should tell a majority of the story…

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  1. Gail permalink
    November 27, 2008 9:27 pm

    Tonya, those signs were really funny, I love crazy signs:)

  2. VUSI permalink
    June 18, 2009 8:53 am

    May God bless you my sister in christ,especially with the hard work and dedication you have display in serving our lord jesus christ the pillar and strength of our life and salvation.

    From:Soutpan church-Elshadai bapt church

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