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End of year, end of school & holiday time…

December 8, 2008

Much like life in the US at during this time of year, things are BUSY. I might actually be more busy here at year end because it’s been the end of school as well. Since Thanksgiving, Heather and I have put up my Christmas tree, taken the grade 1 and 2 class on a field trip to the Mack’s for swimming, survived the last day of school, taken our students shopping to buy Christmas presents for vulnerable or orphaned children in Stinkwater, taken our students to deliver said presents, celebrated Ruth’s birthday, and had a Christmas party at my place with all the single ladies working with/for Bethesda. Today and tomorrow we have teacher work days where we try to wrap up anything that hasn’t been accomplished thus far AND we are packing to leave on Wednesday. I am starting to get pretty excited about that 18 or 19 hour plane ride…I might need it to just sleep :). I thought you might enjoy some photos of these end of the year festivities. So here ya’ go 8) …

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