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January 1, 2009

Before I even came home for my visit, my mom decided that about the only way they were going to slow me down and keep me from running all over and visiting was to kidnap me for a couple of days and take me away from everyone. Well, they almost succeeded. They got me away, but I was still able to visit with a few people. even away from home.

The weekend after Christmas we went to a hotel and indoor waterpark up in Shipshewanna, Indiana. Mom, Mike, Aunt Deb, Rachel, Laura, Paige and I all went up on Sunday afternoon and had a great time playing at the waterpark and trying to win tickets in the game room. I was also able to have a nice visit with my friend Regina, her husband (David), and Regina’s mom (Jean), who drove over to Shipshewanna from Fort Wayne to see me for an hour or two.

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