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Fun Times Ahead…

March 6, 2009

I am informed almost daily of late as to the countdown until my mom and brother arrive for their South African visit. If it’s not an email or two or three or even four from mom asking what to wear, what to pack and what to bring in the luggage, it’s a comment from Mike on Skype telling me how many days, or a daily “Miss Small, 16!”, “Miss, Small, 15!” from my student/buddy, Lerry, who happens to be a friend of Mike’s through letters, email and Skype. The kids here have been getting excited about their visit since well…since they thought they might come at Christmas time. Mom, Mike, and I have been busy trying to make plans on what to do, while Heather and I have been busy trying to figure out when to do it all 8). They will arrive at OR Tambo airport on the 21st of March. I plan to pick them up with at least 2 or 3 other people at the airport that evening. I will try to have Mike help me blog about their trip from time to time so you can keep up with the whirlwind of activities.

Until they arrive, I have all the normal day to day stuff here to keep me busy. Things like lesson planning and grading that never seem to end (even on holiday), praying for my friends Ben and Janet who have a court date in just a few days scheduled for their adoption of a little boy in Ethiopia, praying for my friends the Humphreys who are trying to adopt a little boy from Jamiaca, praying for friends Jesse and Amber who are also adopting from Ethiopia, helping Heather look for a flat in town, oh and hanging out with all the fun kids here.

I took some pictures last night of our two littlest Bethesda kids. They were quite the crack up. I thought I’d post some so you could get a sense of the fun we have around here with little ones like these 8). Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  1. Nona Rumley permalink
    March 8, 2009 2:51 pm

    Hey Tonya,
    I just met your mom here in MC and we had a nice chat. Exchanged some things for here to take to SA too. Wish I was coming in 2 weeks AND when I hope to come later:) Have a GREAT visit!!!

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