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March 13, 2009

My students waited anxiously all day to hear if Uncle Ben and Auntie Janet “won Isaac” or not. I had to leave my computer up and un-muted all day at school so they could hear if I got an email…hopefully before they left school for the day. Unfortunately the blog post from Ben and Janet did not come until my students were gone (about 4 our time). Thankfully, there was a braii(cook-out) tonight at Bethesda and all my students were in one place. When Ben and Janet posted the video on their blog, I took myself and my computer down to show my kiddos. Moeletsi…the one boy in my class that has been the most faithful in prayer for Ben, Janet, and Isaac, saw me coming with the computer and came running with a huge hug for me…he knew right away why the computer was coming…pictures of ISAAC! I attached a few pictures of the kids watching Isaac’s video and their responses.

Congrats to Ben & Janet on becoming a family of 3 today!

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  1. Angela Humphrey permalink
    March 16, 2009 2:39 pm

    How very awesome that children in S. Africa are praying for a little boy in Ethiopa and a family in Indiana! It really is a small world and our God is so big and so amazing!

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