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Day 1- 22 March, 2009

March 24, 2009

The day started somewhat early with church starting at 8:30. Before we could leave for church, we had to get Mike up, dressed and in the car. Getting him up was a challenge, but the biggest challenge was getting him in the car and away from his bird watching. We made it to church only a few minutes late. It was fun to have my mom and brother meet all the people at my church who have quickly become so dear to me. After church we returned the rental car and had a great lunch at Ruth’s house with Ruth, Heather, Alyssa, and Joanna. Before and after lunch, Mike had a great time hunting lizards in Ruth’s yard with Moeletsi. To relax a bit after lunch, the boys watched a movie, some of the grown-ups took naps and a few of us ran errands. We headed back to church in the evening for the night service and then had dinner from McDonalds before returning to the Bethesda property.

The following is Mike’s prespective on the day…

“I woke up and got ready for church. Ate fruit roll-ups for breakfast. At church I met Daniel, Mo, and Rudolph. While waiting for Ruth to take us to her house Mo and I almost caught a lizard. At Ruth’s house Mo and I watched Madagascar 2. We also almost caught a skink. But it slipped out through a hole in our net and when I trided to grab it, I pushed on accident off the fence it was on. Then we got ready to go to chruch again for evening service. I played tag with Mo and Daniel before church.”

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