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Day 2- 23 March, 2009 (to school)

March 24, 2009

Today was Mike’s first day of school at Jabulane Christian Academy. I think he was a bit overwhelmed by all the work my kids have to do. Inorder to make things work with teaching 2 grades at the same time, my students have to do a lot of their work independently. Mike wasn’t so sure about that. Overall, I think he had an okay day. He even played goalie for the soccer match at break time. He decided after about 10 or 15 minutes of that…he’d rather keep score.

After school, Ruth and Heather came down to my classroom so Mom and Mike could open the suitcase full of school supplies they had brought. After school supplies, the boys took Mom and Mike on a marathon walk around the property. After that, Mike went on a marathon lizard hunt with all the boys. They played and played outside until after dark…yea…Mike played after dark..can you believe it!?!

Mike’s perspective…

“I woke up and got ready for school. This would be my first day at Bethesda. My sister, Tonya, was my teacher!  We had LOTS of homework. We played soccer today at recess. We don’t eat lunch at school, we have snacks instead. After school, I climbed a thorn tree to get a lizard. I almost knocked it off the tree to my friend below with a broom. I also found a baby bird.”

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