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Day 7 of Mike’s Visit-27 March (Last Day of Term)

March 29, 2009

Term 1 at JCA finished up on Friday around 12 noon. Since our grades had already been closed for the term and reports were going home that day, and since Mom and Mike were around, Heather and I agreed to an conjoined activities day for our classes. We were mean teachers and required them to do pretty much normal work from about 8-9:45 but at 9:45 we allowed them to change out of their school uniforms and into play clothes so they could more easily participate in some activities that my mom had planned for them. We split the classes into three teams and took them outside for a couple of relay games. After the outdoor relays, we played one more relay inside before the students got the opportunity to decorate their very own Easter cupcakes. Everyone had a good time and the teachers survived 8).

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