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Day 10- 30 March (Gold Reef City)

March 30, 2009

As you have probably noticed, I have not been able to keep up with updating every day, but I will attempt to go back and fill in some holes as I have time to sort through the hundreds upon hundreds of pictures that have been taken in the last week +. Today we finished up our stay with the Mack children in the early morning. Shortly after 12noon, Mom, Mike and I made our way off the Bethesda property with Bongani, Lawrence, and Moeletsi. We spent our afternoon at Gold Reef City (a theme park in Johannesburg) and then came home for a campfire and sleeping out in the tent. Tomorrow we will make our way to Pilanesburg National Park to spend the day driving through the game reserve. The boys have been having a great time and are enjoying all the time they can get to laugh, talk, and make jokes.

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