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Rewind to Day 8- 28 March 2009 (Lion Park)

March 31, 2009

Over the weekend, one of our Pastors, Josh Mack, and his wife went away to teach at a family camp for a church down in Capetown. They asked a while ago if Heather and I would be willing to stay with 6 of their 7 children and we agreed to keep them. It worked out that while Josh and Marda were away, my mom and Mike were going to be here. Heather and I decided that it might be fun to take all the children to the Lion Park that is located near Johannesburg, so we did just that.

Saturday morning we got the kids up, got them dressed and were on the road by 8:30 and headed to our destination. It required two vehicles to get all of us there so Heather drove her car with any child over the age of 6 and I drove Josh and Marda’s mini-van with anyone younger and Mom. The kids had a great time while we were there. Lincoln (the 7 month old) slept in his little kangaroo pouch on my front side most of the time when we were walking around while Musi alternated between my hip, my shoulders, and Heather’s hip. Musi wasn’t so sure about being close to the animals, except the baby giraffe, whom he ABSOLUTELY LOVED!

The kids were able to feed two different adult giraffes and pet lion cubs before we drove out in the lion camps and saw all the lion prides living together in each of the camps.

It was quite a fun day had by all, but it definitely required some serious rest as an after effect!

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