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The end of the trip

April 11, 2009

Yesterday marked the end of Mom and Mike’s three week stay with me here in South Africa. We had a great time together with a almost completely booked schedule. The last few days of their visit were spent “detoxing” a little bit from all the major activities of the trip. We spent this week packing, helping Heather with her new house, shopping for souvenirs, and just visiting small sights around where I stay.

I think one of the most surprising things for mom on the trip was the contrast in how people live. I drove her through one of the villages near my house one day and drove her down to Hammanskraal (the actual town closest to where I stay). We took some pictures of how life typically goes on each day in these places. I think you will be able to understand a little better after viewing some of the pictures why Mike wasn’t really excited to join us for this part of the trip. He would have rather been playing with the kids on the playground at Bethesda than in the car at this point.

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