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Where have I been?

May 26, 2009

Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know that I haven’t actually fallen off the face of the Earth…just be rather busy. I spent a month from April 15 to May 16 house sitting for some fellow missionaries who live in Pretoria and needed to travel back to the States for their son’s wedding. As I was finishing up with that, we had a team of 17 college students arrive from BBC in Clark Summit, PA and FBC in Iowa. It was a blessing to have the team here as always. We also welcomed 3 new interns in the last month. They are all such a blessing at school as they have been helping with grading and tutoring. Amidst all of that fun, I have been busily trying to make plans and preparations for my time at home in June. I am still attempting to contact pastors, churches, and individuals who are interested in hearing about my ministry here at Bethesda.

I finally bought a plane ticket and will be home from June 27th through July 16th. I am very thankful that I was able to find the ticket for about $700 less than what I thought it was initially going to be. This month has been quite busy and I don’t even know where the time has gone. Last weekend I was blessed to be able to attend a mini-conference at my church with three wonderfully, godly speakers. Heather and I both attended and were greatly blessed to hear from God’s Word on the topics of “Prayer and God’s Sovereignty”, “The Problem of Pain”, and “Losing Our First Love” (Christ). It was an incredibly refreshing day that left me wishing I was able to attend the actual conference that is going on this week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other than those couple of highlights, I have been up to normal life here in South Africa. I work on lesson plans and grading, lead a Bible study with Heather and Alyssa for our teenaged girls at Bethesda, attend my own Bible study with some young ladies from my church, play with Heather’s puppies, and attempt to keep up on correspondance with people in the States. Not a lot to update you all on this month…sorry :).

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