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Family Dinners

June 16, 2009

Heather and I decided a few weeks ago, that we would like to try at least once a month to take a meal to one of our Bethesda families. We decided that it would be fitting to begin with our newest Bethesda family for a few reasons. The first reason to begin with the Sitholes was to get to know our newest set of house parents and their son. The second reason to start with them was to start small. At the time we took dinner to the Sitholes, they only had their own son and two other little boys (They now have nearly a full house with 4 girls and 3 boys!). We look forward to continuing this fellowship time with the families each month. We are hoping to take our June meal to a family either this week yet, or early next week before I head back to the States.We had a great time fellowshipping with George and Florah. I think they even liked the stromboli that we made for them and the German chocolate cake was a MAJOR hit!

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