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Creativity Rush

July 23, 2009

With school quickly on its way and not much time to recover from my trip to the States, Heather and I spent our Sunday night before school starting getting together some projects that either needed to be done for the first day or that we wanted done for the first day. The first day back to school was Shaney’s 13th birthday. Shane is, at this point in his life, very much into basketball. So, when we took his order for what he would like to have for a birthday treat when we came back to school, Shaney informed Heather and I that he wanted a basketball cake, but not one that just was two round cakes stacked on top of eachother and decorated like a basketball…he actually wanted it to be round! Heather and I wracked our brains and the brains of a few other experts before we decided to just bake the cake in a bowl to give it a round top. We then placed the round top ontop of a 8in round cake to make it a little bigger. When all was said and done, we were pleasewith our efforts and most importantly, Shane LOVED his basketball cake!


Our second creative project for our Sunday night was a birthday cake for the new baby on the property, James or Primebeth. While I was in the States, I scoured the sale racks for cheap baby clothes that would fit our new little guy. Heather and I decided that since babies can’t eat cake, we could make him a cake out of things he would wear and chew on instead. We also hoped to be able to bless his parents with some much needed clothing and hygeine items that they didn’t already have. Check out the cake for James!

Happy Birthday, James Msiza!

Happy Birthday, James Msiza!

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  1. Tammy Bollenbacher permalink
    August 26, 2009 2:05 pm

    I am sending two girls to Bethesda. They should be there and sound alseep. Bekah works for us and her friend is Lenea. I hope they have as wonderful experience as Karissa did. By the way, she may be coming back next summer for a visit! I would be more that happy to reimburse you for the two girls to use your phone to call home. I did not mention this to them before they left, so if you could and it if is o.k, with you, let them know. I wish I had been more organized and thought to call your or Email earlier. I would loved to have sent you some things in their suitcases. Enjoy your time with them. They are both wonderful young Christian ladies with a heart for missions. Take care, Tammy Bollenbacher

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