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What’s a Girl to Do???

August 15, 2009

You see…we have this ratio problem at Bethesda. While the boys mildly out number the girls in the child world at Bethesda, when it comes to staff, we have far more ladies than men. With that in mind, what is a girl to do when she has a list of projects and not enough guys to handle them around the property?

Well, then answer often must be, find a way to do it yourself or get other ladies that can help you. We aren’t your ordinary ladies at Bethesda! 8)  In the last couple months there have been many tasks to be managed. Some of the ladies (staff, interns and a housemother) helped to put out a bush fire and protect our houses, while Heather and I have built…yes, built, cubbyholes for our classrooms and installed a dishwasher.

None of this girl-power stuff is meant to say that we don’t need guys, in-fact…if you know any guys that would like to come to Bethesda to be an intern for a few weeks or a couple months, I’m sure we would all be delighted to have them…we have enough “honey-do” lists around here to keep a good number of guys and gals busy for quite some time 8)!

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