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Our New House

February 20, 2010

I mentioned in my last update that Heather and I would be moving from the house we are currently in to a free standing house nearby. We will be taking possession of the keys to our new house on March 1. Our new house is an older house that needs some updating, but Heather and I are quite excited for the ministry opportunities it provides. So let’s start the tour:

Welcome to Our Home!

Our desire is to use this house for a multitude of ministry opportunities. We would like to host guests both for Bethesda, church ministry training seminars, and our own friends and family as they are able to visit. It is customary and security-wise to have burglar bars on your doors…don’t let them concern you!

Our Lounge

Our predecessors have used this room as their dining room, but Heather and I plan to use it as our main sitting room. This room actually has a fire place, hence the desire to use it as a lounge rather than a dining room. There is currently very long shag carpet in the room, but due to Heather’s and my allergies, we plan to take up the carpet. There is supposedly wood floor under the carpet, but we will have to check it’s salvagablilty. If it is too badly damaged, we will tile the floor, but otherwise we would like to refinish the wood and have a nice wooden floor. we will also add some paint changes to the walls; most likely painting it a very light tan colour that will be more versitile when it comes to matching decor.

The Dining Room

Our Dining Room

This room will be used as our dining room. We will take up the carpet in this room as well and have some tile laid. We are excited about getting a lot of use out of this room. We ordered our dining room table from the furniture company today. Hopefully it will get lots of use by our Bethesda families and other visitors.

Kitchen View

More Kitchen

We are quite excited to have a nice sized kitchen to use for preparing meals for our guests. As you can see there are some boxes in the kitchen. We were able to view the house as the current tenants were packing up.

Entertainment Lounge

Heather and I really aren’t home a great deal during the week between catching up on errands and our tutoring committments two nights per week. because of this neither of us have deemed it necessary at this point to purchase a television. Even if we ever decide to purchase a television, it is not something that we want the focus of our house to be. We are quite excited to have a lounge area for television and entertainment purposes separate from the lounge area that we would regularly use for fellowship and relaxing in the evenings. We are planning to use this room to house our projector and DVD player along with the Wii console that the children LOVE to play when they come for a visit.

Our Front Yard

The Pool

The full view of the house

Our Beautiful Garden

The Great Outdoors…at least our version. We are EXTREMELY excited that our 1 year old yellow Labrador twins will have plenty of extra space to roam around in their new living quarters. Our students and the rest of the Bethesda crew are are equally excited about the pool that they are planning to used on a regular basis to “cool their jets”.  Our garden is a bit overgrown, but with a little TLC, it should be absolutely beautiful! Keep in mind that we are getting this wonderful house with a pool for less than we are currently paying for our house with three bedrooms and nearly no yard.

Fun Light Number 1

Fun Light 2

Fun Light 3

Last couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure. As I said earlier, our house is an older house and is somewhat dated. We are planning to make a few updates, but it will take time and wisdom with finances as we decide what to update and when. These are just a few of the fun light fixtures that we plan to update and neutralize as we make changes little by little.

Ponder the Pink

OH MY…I almost forgot…this is the guest bedroom that is just waiting for our first house guests. Don’t worry, we are planning to take down the pink paisley wall paper and paint the walls.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of our new house. Hopefully we will have more pictures after a few improvements have been made and our furniture has been moved in rather than the current tenant’s belongings. Thanks for taking time to look through the pictures. Please feel free to check out our home ministry goals in my most recent update.

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