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May 29, 2010

Hopefully I will be able to post a more detailed blog update soon, but I wanted to just add a quick note for those of you that check in from time to time…don’t want my blog getting too dusty as it is prone to get. Recent news-

  • Career Week- Last week was “Career Week” at school. It was a good week filled with guest speakers and a bit of chaos in the classrooms, but hopefully the kids got some good exposure to some of the possible careers that are going on around them.
  • Finals- This week is “Finals Week” at school. Students in grades 3-7 will be taking mid year exams in all of their subjects. This means that this weekend for the teachers will be spent writing said finals and next week will be spent getting report cards ready to go home.
  • Reading Contest- In my last newsletter I mentioned the reading competition that we are having at school. The competition ends next week and for most of the kids it seems to have been great fun. We offered some pretty exciting prizes for the winning teams and individuals, but believe it or not most in a survey of the top ten readers on what they would choose for their prize, 80% said they would actually choose to spend a day at their teachers’ house playing games and playing with the dogs…go figure!
  • World Cup is coming!- I haven’t been in a McDonald’s lately to know what the exact countdown is, but I know it’s about 20 days or so from invading life in South Africa. Many who aren’t planning to attend the events are busy making plans to “get out of Dodge!” I’m planning on holding up in my house for part of the time just to avoid some of the traffic chaos that will be Pretoria in the midst of the games.
  • Kossuth is sending a team-We have had a few special teams already this year, but I am REALLY looking forward to a slew of visitors from my sending church. I am looking forward to fellowship with people from home that can “catch me up” on KSBC life!
  • Emails- Thank you to those of you that keep up with my blog and my newsletters and send emails every once in a while. It is so great to get news from home and know what is going on with so many good friends and family members. Technology really makes being 8000 miles away a lot easier.
  • The House- Heather and I are continuing to enjoy this house that God has so graciously blessed us with and REALLY enjoying the opportunities for ministry that it has opened up. Please pray with us as we try to decide if God would be directing us to buy this house as it is for sale. This would be our hearts’ desire at this point, but are praying for wisdom as to how to work it out financially as financing in SA might be difficult and neither of us are really in a position to put a down payment in on a major purchase like this. It will definitely take some God-like miracles for it all to be worked out.

That’s all the news I can think of on this sunny, Pretoria afternoon, so I think I’ll sign off and get back to exam writing…5 down…8 to go!

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