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August 31, 2010

I haven’t posted much on my blog lately. Things have been extremely busy over the last few months. I thought I would give you some random updates on the things that have been going on around here.

First off, our replacement/new houseparents have taken their position in their new home as of Friday. I had the pleasure today of driving Mary and Peter on their fair well outing with their family for the past 7 months. Mary and Peter have done an excellent job in a difficult situation with their children. We are extremely thankful for the ministry they have had and will continue to have in the lives of our Bethesda children. It was exciting to see Christian and Claudia Rustoff with their new children this morning when I showed up to drive the combi for the outing. Please keep the Rustoffs, their children, the Letswalos, and those around the situation in your prayers as this transition goes continues.

Secondly, let’s talk about reading! I decided this term for reading class to have my students read a couple of different novels. I have 4 reading groups in my class…don’t ask me why I thought this would be a good idea, but for some reason I did. The students absolutely LOVE their books, well except for the poor group of boys that are being stretched beyond what they think they should be to read “Huckleberry Finn”. The teacher on the other hand, is a bit overwhelmed by this project. I didn’t really think through the ramifications of having four different reading groups reading four different chapter books until it came time for me to also read four different chapter books in order to write four different quizzes…ei yi yi…WHAT was I THINKING!?!?!?!

Hopefully soon, I’ll get a chance to post some pictures from our “Reading Buddies” day. A few weeks ago, I started Heather’s and my classes on a writing project that involved them writing their own ABC books. When the books were finished, we invited the Grade R students (Kindergarten), Grade 1 students, and even the preschoolers to come to my classroom for a reading time with the big kids. The older students did a great job of reading with and to the little ones for the morning. Hopefully pictures will be coming soon.

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