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Questions Kids Ask…

September 7, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I couldn’t pass these up. Over the past several weeks, Heather and I have been doing a unit with our students where we study the cultural view of certain topics and then compare it to the biblical view. We have covered topics such as Evolution v. Creation of Man, The Big Bang Theory v. Creation of the Universe, Worship, Marriage, Family, Death, African Culture Traditions, and Superstitions. The questions I am enlightening you with today, come from our discussion on what happens when people die.

I wonder how many of us (adults) have actually thought about these questions enough to look to God’s Word for answers. It’s always great to see our kids thinking through things and desiring to have biblical answers.

“Do babies go to heaven when they’re still young?”

“Do you have eternal life in hell?”

“At heaven is God going to show you what you were doing on earth?”

“If you go to heaven is God going to tell you that you can help him if you want?”

“How are we going to get to heaven or hell?”

“Are we going to stand in a line and wait to get judged?”

“If Satan was only an angel, how did he turn to a snake when he was lying to Eve?”

“Can Satan ask forgiveness?”

“Were we in heaven before we came to earth?”

“What will happen to Satan and his angels if they ask for forgiveness from God?”

“If you just made small lies what would happen?”

“What is it like in hell?”

“How is God going to judge us?”

“Do you always stay the age that you were when you died in heaven?”

“Can we see hell from heaven?”

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