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Dusty Blog

October 16, 2010

Well, unfortunately it seems as though my blog has been getting a bit dusty of late. I haven’t been posting and subsequently, people haven’t been viewing it. Today’s blog isn’t all that newsy, but it actually involves a request. I have been struggling with ideas of what to include in my update these last few months, so I thought this month and next month I would include some “Reader’s Choice” articles. So…here’s your big chance…what do you want to hear about or see in my update? Anything you’ve been dying to know? Anything you’ve said to yourself “I wish Tonya would write about……”? I know…no one really puts that much thought into my updates, but thought I would throw the idea out there for interested parties to weigh in. Leave a comment or drop me an email with any requests! Stay tuned to see what your fellow readers have been dying to know.

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