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Back to School

April 10, 2011

It has been a wonderful 2 week break from the routines of school, but today is the day for it to stop. Today is back to school day! Today we begin a new term, which means attempting to bet back in to a new version of the old routine. This term is a bit of a tricky one as far as routine goes. I counted the other day and there are at least 8 days this term where we would normally be in school, but we are out of school due to some kind of public holiday or schedule adjustment. Add to that our new principal and 2 teams visiting this term and it should make for a very interesting 3 months ahead. Would you pray for our new term?

Pray that our new principal would adjust quickly and grow as part of our Bethesda team.

Pray for Ruth as she transitions to being just part of the office staff and not doing two jobs at once.

Pray for us as teachers that we would practice humility and be submissive to a new authority that God has so sovereignly placed in our lives.

Pray for our students that they would have a teachable spirit and a desire to know more of God.

Thanks for your prayers!


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