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Working Moms

February 11, 2012

I must admit that after this week, I have a new respect for working moms. Due to some unexpected family emergencies for one of our Bethesda families, Heather and I have been looking after two of our Bethesda kiddos since Wednesday this week. We have enjoyed basically every minute of it, but WOW…it’s hard work…not a shock to most of you I know, but it has been a new experience for me. Added to the blessing of having the girls at the house this week, we also had 2 house guests staying with us as they finished up their last course of the counselling training classes held at our church and the two gals that have been staying with Heather and I for a month or two, and you see we had quite a full house this week.

Each day has been a new adventure for all of us. The girls come in to the classroom after school, work on their homework and wait somewhat patiently for it to be time to go home. We come home after a stop or two if there are errands to be done, check over homework, help with homework that wasn’t understood, prepare lunches/snacks for the following day, fix dinner, eat dinner, give baths, prepare for bed, do devotions, say prayers, tuck in, leave the kids to sleep, attempt to get our own school work done and visit with other adults, then crash and wake up the next morning to begin the process again.

Wow…how do some of you do it every day?

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  1. Martha permalink
    February 12, 2012 6:49 pm

    Uh…most days I don’t remember what happened… 🙂 Enjoyed chatting with you the other day!

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