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Easter Weekend

April 17, 2012

Easter, as it probably should be for all Christians, is a HUGE deal in South Africa, particularly in African culture. Local churches band together during the Easter weekend to put on a large Easter Conference. This is a time for great celebration, evangelism, baptisms take place, communion is taken, it is altogether a time of remembrance of Christ and celebrating all that He did on the cross. This Easter, Heather and I had the chance to bless one of our Bethesda families and make their participation in their Easter conference a bit easier and more effective by taking their four youngest children off of their hand for the weekend. These conferences often mean long days, short nights, and a lot of sitting still. That kind of schedule can be a bit challenging on toddler and Kindergartners…cue Aunties to the Rescue!

Lesego (11 months), Tsholo (18 months), Dipuo (5 years) and Bridget (6 years) were all able to spend the extended weekend at Auntie Heather & Auntie Tonya’s house. Joining our party for the weekend were also Auntie Gabby (celebrating her last weekend in Pretoria) and Auntie Gabby’s mom, Mama D. It was  a very fun weekend. The girls were able to go to the Lion Park to see some animals, play games, watch movies, eat in a restaurant, and take Auntie Gabby to the airport and see planes for the first time ever.  Over the weekend the littlest two were busy working on a lot of things. While I was busy teaching Tsholo to say “Auntie T”, Bridget and Dipuo misunderstood that I was saying “T” as in the first letter of my name and thought I was calling myself “Auntie Tea” as in the drink I like to have. Both girls then immediately deemed that Heather must be named “Auntie Coffee” to go along with “Auntie Tea.”

Enjoy some photos from the fun weekend!

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