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Our Man, Muzi

June 3, 2014

You can be praying for Heather and I over the next few weeks as we encourage some of our friends from our first years in SA, by looking after their little guy Muzi while they make a trip back to the States for a few weeks. Many of you have read about Muz in the past and have even seen pictures of him as he has been a special little friend of ours since shortly after we arrived.
Muzi’s foster parents are missionaries here in SA and due to a few too many hoops, are not able to take him with them on their trip. Thankfully, though we pale in comparison to mom and dad, we have a very special relationship with this little dude that allows us to encourage them and keep him pretty much on track while they are away.
We have looked after him several times in the past, but this will be the longest stretch that he has been with us.

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