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Current Ministries

Current Ministries

Here are some of the current ministries I am involved in through Bethesda Outreach and my local church:

Ministry at Bethesda Outreach

Teaching & Leading at Jabulane Christian Academy

Jabulane is the Christian school designed to educate the children living at Bethesda and in the surrounding community. We focus on spiritual and academic truth and seek to point students to Biblical truth throughout the school day.

Our school year runs from January to December with short breaks between each of four terms. Our school day starts at 7am as the teaching staff rotates through morning care for early arrivals. Classrooms open at 8am and the school day concludes at 2:30pm.

Since June of 2013, I have been serving as the school administrator/principal. Do to staffing needs, I am also teaching mathematics to our grade 6 and 7 learners. Once each week I also have the blessing of teaching/leading chapel or assembly with all 123 of our learners.


Whenever there is a visiting ministry team from a local church or university, all the staff pitches in to help make their stay profitable. I am usually responsible for helping to prepare, serve, and clean up from meals (usually dinner), showing educational videos about life in South Africa, and occasionally assisting with community outreaches (depending on my school responsibilities) and possibly driving them places if our house fathers and other staff members are not available.

Personal Update, Website, and Correspondence

These three items may seem like strange things to list on a “ministries” page, but I view keeping my personal website and correspondence up to date as a ministry and a highly important one at that. Monthly updates, this website, and email are the three best tools I have to communicating with my personal supporters. So, while some may not say this is a ministry- I see it as such. Without those who have chosen to support me, I would not be able to be in South Africa carrying out ministry at Bethesda. Sharing my thanks and what God is doing through their support is an important part of ministry in my eyes.

I seek to send out an update on what I have personally been involved in throughout the month during each calendar month. In addition, as I have the ability, I update the “blog” portion of this webpage. Whenever I receive email from supporters, my goal is to respond in a timely fashion. Correspondence is from supporters is always an encouragement! Hopefully hearing from me through a response is an encouragement as well. I must admit that sometimes I struggle with doing all three of these items on a timely basis, especially during the school term when grading papers, lesson planning, and other ministries are at their height, but Lord willing, I will continue to improve in these areas!

Local Church Ministry

Among-st all of this ministry at Bethesda, I am also active in a number of various ministries in my local church in Pretoria.

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