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Letswalo Family

Peter and Mary Letswalo are currently houseparents to 7  of our Bethesda children along with their 2 biological children, Gift(9 years) and Tsholofelo (1 year). Peter is a pastor at a local church and is currently teaching the Tswana classes at JCA for grades 1,2 and 3. Mary has been on staff with Bethesda since before she and Peter were married and has managed well with transitioning from relief worker to full-time mother of 9. The Letswalo children are Gift(9 years), Rose (10 years), Jack (8 years), Amo (8 years), Mike (7 years), Bridget (6 years), Dipuo (5 years), Tsholofelo (1 year) and Lesego (9 months). You can read more about each of the individual children below.

Gift (9 years)-

Gift is adjusting well to his new role as big brother to lots of little ones. He has gone through a big adjustment from being an only child to being the big brother in the house to 7 little ones in the last year. He is currently in grade 5 and is a very intelligent young man. You can pray for Gift to gain focus and diligence even when he thinks what he is doing may not matter.

ROSE (10 years)-

Rose is a very determined and persistent young lady. She is in grade 3 at JCA. Rose enjoys playing outside and helping around the house when she can. Pray for Rose as she can sometimes be extremely demanding of other people when she wants her way. Pray for her to word hard at school, even when things are difficult and for her to learn to obey the authorities that God has placed in her life. Pray most importantly that Rose would come to know Christ and the power of the Cross and that the knowledge of HIM and the work of the Holy Spirit in her life would cause some of these things to be long term changes.

JACK (8 years)-

Jack is doing his best in grade 1 this year at JCA.

AMO (8 years)-

Amo is in grade 3 this year at JCA.

MIKE (7 years)-


Mike is a fun loving and eager to help out grade 2 student.

Bridget(6 years)-

Bridget is in grade R this year at JCA.

Dipuo (5 years)-

Dipuo is finally in school! She thought the day would never come. She is learning quickly what you should and should not do in a grade R classroom and is loving every minute of being around her classmates. Dipuo likes to help others and especially likes to spend time at school or at home with her favorite auntie, “Auntie Miss Small”.

Tsholofelo (1 year)-

Tsholofelo (Tsholo) is an extremely vibrant little one that has a personality to fill a room. She LOVES to play with her daddy and to tell her older siblings what to do.

Lesego (10 months)-

Lesego is a shy little one that has a very BIG personality when she has the chance to show it.

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  1. tlsmall permalink*
    May 7, 2009 10:45 pm

    wow…I’m so informative…can’t tell I worked on this page a week before leaving for the States, can you???? ei yi yi!

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