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Matjeni Family

The Matjeni family has been with Bethesda since 2003. Elias is not only a father, but also a lay pastor and works for the department of education. Mamitjie serves through a variety of outreach ministries through the church and is our grade 1 teacher at Jabulane Christian Academy. Four special children fill their home: Shane (boy), Kgothatso (boy), Konyana (girl),and Busi (girl). The Matjeni family stays in Soshanguve.

Quick Facts:
Matjeni’s Anniversary:
September 21, 1985

Birthdates: Elias – Aug 15; Mamitjie – May 7; Shane – July 20, 1996; Kgothatso – Jun 29, 1997; Konyana – Aug 9, 2001; Busisiwe – Dec 17, 2002

SHANE (age 18)

Shane is currently attending a vocational training school. He is extremely upbeat and LOVES to have FUN! He likes to play soccer, be loud, and be IN CHARGE. Shane says that when he grows up, he possibly wants to be an auto-mechanic. Pray that Shane would grown in his knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and that he would continue to grow to become more Christ-like in his life. Pray for Shane to grow in patience and compassion for others and for him to develop some of the organizational skills he is lacking that cause him problems in school.

KGOTHATSO (age 17)

Kgothatso is a quiet, yet fun loving 8th grader. He is currently attending Cornerstone Academy in Pretoria. He enjoys being helpful and making others laugh. One of his best characteristics is that he knows how to laugh at himself when he does something silly and does not get his feelings hurt when others laugh along. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Kgothatso answers, that more than anything else, he wants to be a dad. Pray for Kgothatso to grow in his understanding of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Also pray for Kgothatso to stand firm in what he knows is right.

KONYANA (age 13)

Konyana is in grade 6 at JCA this year. She LOVES school. She is a very bright young lady who is an extremely gifted reader. Konyana likes to  tell stories to almost anyone who will listen. She enjoys helping others and taking opportunities to teach them how to do something. Pray for Konyana as she interacts with other children that she would speak kindly and not be too bossy or demanding. Pray for her to continue to succeed in school as she has done already. Also pray that Konyana would grow in understanding the spiritual truths and disciplines that her parents are teaching her. Pray also that she would continue to grow in responsibility and time management.

BUSISIWE (age 12)

Busi is a very loud and fun loving grade 4 student. She is not her favorite activity, but it keeps her around her friends and occasionally brings around something fun and interesting so she tolerates it. Busi enjoys spending any amount of time that she can with her daddy. She is definitely a “Daddy’s Girl”. She also likes to help around the house and wash the car. Pray for Busi to learn to use her leadership skills wisely instead of shouting at and ordering others. Pray for her to understand the truths that her mom and dad are trying to help her understand from God’s Word. Also, please pray for her to continue to glorify God in her school work.

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