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Msiza Family


Jack and Maria  joined the Bethesda ministry in 2009 with their son Alfred and daughter Thando. They immediately had seven additional children in their home. Primabeth joined the family in July 2009 and made the family complete with eleven members! Jack works with as administrator over the maintenance team at Bethesda and a committed father. Maria keeps busy with her family at home. The Msiza family is active in their local church. Moeletsi (boy), Alfred (boy), Rudolph (boy), Siyabonga (boy), Albert (boy), Gontse (girl), Pienkie (girl), and Thando (girl), and Primabeth (boy) have each grown in wisdom and become a united family under their parents’ leadership.

Quick Facts


Msiza’s Anniversary: December 24
Jack – Dec 16, Maria – March 28, Moeletsi – Feb 2, 1997; Alfred – Jan 6, 1999; Rudolph – Aug 14, 2000; Siyabonga – Aug 22, 2002; Albert – Nov 17, 2002; Gontse – Nov 24, 2003; Pienkie – Aug 20, 2004; Noluthando – Feb 14, 2006, Prima– July 6, 2009

Moeletsi (age 17)


Moelesti enjoys helping out his teachers at school, playing soccer, and taking care of younger children. Moeletsi has shown growth in his effort at school and desire to do right. Pray for Moeletsi to be an example to all those around him, especially as he seems to have a very strong influence on his classmates at school. This is his first year in his school and he was voted student body president very early on in the year. Pray also that he would make the same good choices at home that he seems to at school and that he would the develop integrity to withstand temptations to do wrong. Pray that his acknowledgment of Christ as Saviour would produce fruit in his life.

Alfred (age 15)


Alfred is a quiet young man who really enjoys reading. Most of the time when there is a large group setting, you will find him sitting quietly in a corner with any kind of book he can get his hands on. Alfred has made a profession of faith and there has been growth on his part. Pray that we would grow to boldly present the Gospel to his classmates, teachers, and siblings. Alfred has great ambitions of being an airline pilot some day.

Rudolph (age 14)


Rudolph enjoys working outside with anyone that will allow him to help. Since accepting Christ as his Saviour a few years ago, Rudolph has grown into a very respectful, responsible and hard working young man. He is a great example for others to follow. Pray that he would continue to grow in this. Rudy desires to be a chef some day. He especially enjoys when he and his classmates have an opportunity to prepare meals for visiting teams.

Siyabonga (age 12)


Siyabonga is a rather rambunctious and sly young man. He enjoys school, especially when opportunities avail themselves for social interactions. He has a smile that can melt the hearts of many. Pray that Siyabonga will soon come to accept Christ as his Saviour. Pray that Siyabonga will love and trust his parents and that he will continue to work hard at school.

Albert (age 12)


Albert is another word for walking barrel of energy. Albert is ALWAYS on the go and wondering what is next. Albert enjoys school, but it seems to be rather challenging for him. Pray that he would persevere through the difficult school days and glorify God as best as he can in his work. Pray that Albert that he would accept Christ as his Saviour soon. Pray that he would continue to be tender toward instruction.

Gontse (age 11)


Gontse likes to tell stories and make other people laugh. Pray that Gontse would grow to love God and desire to serve Him in all things.  Pray also that she would continue to persevere through school even though it seems to be quite difficult for her right now.

Peinkie (age 10)


Pienkie is also very much a performer for others. She loves to tell stories, play the school teacher and entertain everyone.  Pray that she would use these gifts to glorify God to others as she proclaims the Gospel to them. Pray she would come to know Christ as her Saviour. Pray also that she would continue to persevere through school even though it seems to be difficult for her at times.

Thando (age 8)


Thando is yet another of the terrific trio of performers and entertainers in the Msiza family. Thando LOVES to tell stories and “direct” others. Pray that she would develop a humble and submissive heart and that she would listen to wise counsel of others even when she thinks she is right. Pray she would come to know Christ as her Saviour. Pray also that she would be an encouragement to her teacher and her classmates as she sets an example in the work that she does.

Primabeth (age 5)


Prima is a young man on a mission! He LOVES to work with his daddy and fix things. He is very much looking forward to a break from his maintenance responsibilities in January though when he finally gets to come to school. The teachers are all a little concerned that he will enjoy school the first day, but then decide he has more “real” work to do with his dad. Pray that Prima would continue to desire doing right and that he would learn that pleasing people is less important than pleasing God. 

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