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Phago Family

Jones and Lenah Phago are currently houseparents to 7 of our Bethesda children along with their biological son, Neo (15 years). Jones works in maintaining Bethesda’s facilities and grounds along with attending seminary classes and pastoring a local church, and Lenah does a wonderful job of taking care of their home and children. The Phago children are Sipho (15 years), Neo (15 years), Johanna (14 years), Bongani (10 years), Olinda (8 years), Peter (7 years), Thandiwe (7 years), and Lethabo (6 years), You can read more about each of the individual children below.

SIPHO (age 15)

At the age of 15, Sipho is currently our oldest Bethesda child. Sipho is in Grade 7 at our school, Jabulane Christian Academy, but has taken an entrance exam for a local Christian high school that will allow him to skip grade 8 and go directly into grade 9. This will allow him to finish his schooling before the maximum age requirement of 20 years. Sipho is an incredibly dilligent worker and a is a very respectful young man. His dream is to someday become a pilot. Pray for Sipho as he finishes his time out at JCA and prepares to change schools in January. Pray that his faith would continue to grow and that he would be a great testimony to all those he encounters.

NEO (age 15)

Neo’s easy going personality is a great addition to our village. It takes a special personality in a kid to go from being essentially an only child to suddenly having 7 other siblings viaing for your parents’ attention, but Neo has handled it pretty well. Neo tends to spend most of his time hanging out around the village with his buddy Gomolemo. They are pretty much your quintessential teenaged boys. Pray for Neo to be a testimony to his friends at school (Neo is in grade 10 at a local high schoo). Pray that Neo would make right choices with how he conducts himself and interacts with friends and family.

JOHANNA (age 14)

Johanna, or Jo as she often is called, is in grade 6 at our school, JCA. She is a tremendous leader and loves to help out with younger children. Johanna also has a very strong passion for drama. She has shown her love and talent in our school produced dramas over the course of the last year. She would really like to be involved in dramatic productions at her new school next year, should the opportunities arise. Johanna is not yet sure what she would like to be when she grows up, but thus far her interests have been in teaching or nursing, either of which she would be wonderful at. Pray for Johanna as she finishes up her time at JCA, as she will be going into grade 7 at the school where Sipho will be going into grade 9. Pray that Johanna’s leadership would stay strong and that she would be a positive influence on the new friends she makes.

BONGANI (age 10)

Bongani is finishing up grade 4 at JCA. He is a very athletic young man who loves to play soccer. Bongani is also a rather sensitive young man that tends to have his feelings hurt quite easily by his classmates and friends. He has a light and easy going personality and can make a joke in every situation. Pray for Bongani to grow as a leader and in his knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Pray for him to set an example for his classmates even though he is younger than most of them. Bongani likes to be the funny man that knows when he himself has gone too far, but can easily lead others into stumbling and going too far in their silliness.

OLINDA (age 8)

Olinda is at the end of grade 1. She is an adorable little girl with an ENORMOUS personality. Olinda loves to get everyone’s attention and put on a show! She has demonstrated her flare for the dramatic by stealing the stage in many of our school drama presentations. She and her big sister make quite a team on the stage. Pray for Olinda to continue to make strides academically as she has only been at Bethesda and in our school for about a year and a half. Pray that she would come to know Christ as her Saviour and that she would be an example for her younger siblings and classmates.

PETER (age 7)

Peter is almost finished with grade 1 at JCA. He is a very sweet and sensitive young man who loves to play with the big boys whenever they let him. Peter’s favourite to is his tractor. He loves to play outside in the dirt and grass while driving it around. Pray that Peter would be able to understand from his heart the things he is learning about God’s love for him and grace provided for his sins. Pray for Peter to know right from wrong as he tends to often follow along with what the other children are doing.

THANDIWE (age 7)

Thandi has nearly finished grade 2 at JCA. She is a very bright little girl who thrives at school. Thandi is a very outgoing little girl who loves to giggle and play with her little girlfriends. Pray that Thandi would know the difference between playing and hurtful speech as she interacts with the other kids. Pray that Thandi would grow in her understanding of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

LETHABO (age 6)

Lethabo is nearing the end of grade R or Kindergarten if you are an American. She is the baby of her family and she LOVES it. Lethabo is an extremely bashful little girl, who will often burst into tears for unknown reasons. Pray for Lethabo to speak kindly to her friends and siblings; her parents have been working with her on speech that “builds others up.” Pray that Lethabo would also learn to be polite and respectful rather than being so shy.

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