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Shikwambane Family

Fritz and Masello Shikwambane are houseparents to 7 of our Bethesda children as well as their own son, Gomolemo (15 years). Fritz works as the houseparent supervisor here at Bethesda as well as pastor of a local church and is finishing up seminary this year. Masello does a wonderful job of taking care of the children and their home. The Shikwambane children are Gomolemo (15), twins Lerato and Tumelo (14), Lawrence (13), Prudence (13), Joanna (8), and siblings Maria (8) and Steve (6). To learn more about the Shikwambane children, read below.

GOMOLEMO (age 15)

Gomolemo is a very confident and gifted 9th grader. He enjoys running, very fast, as he is one of the top sprinters on his school’s athletics team and he is one of the youngest on the team. Gomolemo enjoys passing time by visiting with our Bethesda security guards, hanging out with his buddies, Neo, Tumelo and Sipho, and playing soccer. He is also a very artistic young man whose giftedness is evident in the beautiful crafts he makes for the Bethesda Craft Project. Pray for Gomolemo to withstand temptations at school and that he would be an example to all those around him. Pray also that he would accept praise for his acheivements with humility and acknowledgement of Christ.

LERATO (age 14)

Lerato is a very quiet and somewhat shy 8th grader at Prestige College. She enjoys cooking, hanging out with her girlfriends, and talking about her friends at school. This year has been a challenge for Lerato in that she left our school at Bethesda. She has done a good job of making new friends and adjusting to a new environment. Pray that Lerato, though she can be shy, would be an example of Christ to her friends and classmates around her. Pray also that she would develop good study habits and be able to glorify God in her school work.

TUMELO (age 14)

Tumelo is quiet young man who enjoys school and sports very much. Tumelo is Lerato’s twin brother. He also moved from Jabulane Christian Academy to Prestige Academy this past school year, which also took some adjusting for him. Tumelo has branched out socially and made a lot of new friends at school this year. He has also been busy with many extra-curricular activitities such as the chess team and rugby. Pray for Tumelo in that he would be a leader among his peers and that he would be a wonderful example of Christ to his friends who are saved and unsaved. Pray for him to develop diligence in his school work as he sometimes struggles with that.

LAWRENCE (age 13)

Lerry is a very sweet and outgoing 5th grader at JCA. He enjoys singing any time and anywhere, dancing, baking desserts, and playing soccer. Lawrence enjoys school, but it is a struggle for him. He has a great time playing around the property with his friends, but he seems to enjoy having conversations with adults a little more than other children; I guess you could say he is wise beyond his years. 8) Pray that Lawrence will grow in his new relationship with Christ. Pray also for Lawrence to learn appropriate ways to handle frustration and disappointment rather than getting angry and shutting down emotionally as he is some times prone to doing. Pray also for diligence in his school work, as I said earlier, it does not come easily, but he does have a desire to succeed.

PRUDENCE (age 13)

Prudence is 12 years old and finishing up grade 6 at Jabulane Christian Academy. She is a very bright young lady who would someday like to go to university and then work in a business office. Prudence is also a very talented singer, a gift she makes use of every morning during our class devotion time where she leads her classmates in singing and praising God. You can pray for Prudence as she prepares to transition into a new school for the remainder of her school career. Next year she will be going into grade 7 at Prestige Academy (a high school in the community near Bethesda). Pray that Prudence would be a wonderful example to her classmates at Prestige of a young woman after God’s own heart. Prudence says she is excited about the transition, but that she is a bit apprehensive about the idea of making all new friends and having all new teachers. We are excited to see how God continues to work in Prudence throughout the next few months.

JOEY (age 8 )

Joey is 8 years old and is nearing the end of grade 2 at JCA. She is a delightful little girl who loves her mommy, daddy, and siblings very much! Joey likes to draw, color, sing, play with her sister Maria, with whom she shares a birthday. Pray that Joey would be diligent in her school work, even when it’s difficult as she will sometimes give up on difficult tasks. You can also pray for stamina as Joey often wears out and tires easily. Pray that Joey would come to know Christ and his marvelous gift of the Cross.

MARIA (age 8 )

Maria is 8 years old and getting ready to start grade 1 at JCA. Maria has only been at Bethesda for about a year, but she has learned many important lessons very quickly. Maria especially loves to help her mom at home and play with her friends outside. Pray for Maria to work hard at school and to adjust quickly to her new classroom and teacher next year. Pray that Maria would come to know Christ soon and that she would desire to please Him with her actions, thoughts, and words.

STEVE (age 6)

Steve is a very rambunctious six year old. He is nearly finished with grade R at JCA. Steve came to Bethesda one year ago with his big sister Maria and he has added a lot of spunk to the Shikwambane home. He is a light-hearted little boy who loves to play and when you can get him to do it, he also LOVES to laugh. Pray that Steve would come to know Christ soon and that God would soften his heart towards other people. He sometimes struggles to be kind and obedient to other people, a characteristic we are praying the Holy Spirit will inspire in him.

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