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Helpful Things

Helpful Things

Many people have asked at various times what kinds of items we cannot get here in SA or what items from the US would be helpful for us to receive. Heather and I have collaborated on a list of items that we could use from time to time and she has listed them on her blog. We most definitely did not compose this list with an attitude of expectation, but rather a desire for it to be a helpful tool.

You can see the lists on her blog by clicking on the appropriate links below

Anytime I receive communication, gifts, or other blessings from friends and supporters, I am encouraged and reminded of what generous people I am surrounded by as well as what a generous God we serve. So, please know that I am grateful for each of you and for your care, concern, encouragement, and generosity!

Click on the links below to see each the list for each category.

Personal: Things I can’t get in South Africa

Personal: Things that are much more expensive in South Africa

Personal: Just for fun!

School: Things we can’t buy in South Africa

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